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Zum Beispiel

Deisbiel  Deisbiel

Friday is a day that’s full of hope and relaxation. It was rainy and chilly day at Porvoo and nowadays the wind carries a breath of autumn with it, in other words, a perfect time for a cup of coffee with friends. Unfortunately, my aim for this week was to visit Café Helmi and it was closed due to renovation. Instead my two lovely companions and I entered to zum Beispiel, a cafeteria and lunch serving deli in a corner of the old town. It appeared there last summer and during my “holiday” I basically passed it every day on my way to work. Never ever did I really stopped and checked what it was all about. Well, luckily, that detail changed today.

What can I say? The more time I sat there, the more I started to like it, and towards the end I was somewhere in the middle of Europe, sipping my coffee and enjoying the last wormy minutes of the sunshine. The place is really simple but insightful with its blackboards, multiple locker cupboard and different pairs of chairs. I must repeat what I told you last week, I’m very delighted that I didn’t have to sit there in the rush that comes during the summertime. Showcase’s selection was narrower that I would have expected, although, the apple-pie looked impressive. I did manage to find a chocolate-pie-type of delicacy and cappuccino which both tasted really yummy. Service was polite and everywhere was clean and tidy (another bonus compared to the summers haste).

Deisbiel  Deisbiel  Deisbiel
Zum Beispiels lunch menu looked interesting and in my opinion, they have a very competitive price list. This time I wasn’t hungry enough to test it but I will definitely try it when I get another chance to visit there and, obviously, I will report about it to you. In a detail, the website of the deli is quite inadequate for someone who would like to get foreknowledge of it, especially when all the information is written only in Finnish. But let’s blame the lack of information (for now) due to the newness of the cafeteria.

Deisbiel  Deisbiel

Anyway, I don’t want to end this story in such depressing tone. I recommend, by most deeply, you to visit in Zum Biespiel. To taste its sweet or salty offerings and to enjoy its welcoming laid back feeling that carried my mind somewhere where clouds and mizzle do not exist.


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